How do I install GnackTrack?

Since GnackTrackR4 we have decided to remove the install icon from the desktop.
We felt it made the desktop look rather messy and many users simply use the liveDVD and do not install. The icon is now located in System-->Administration-->Install

I've installed GnackTrack, What's the root password?

If you're using the VMWare image then simply use "toor".

If you've installed from the LiveCD then there's a touch more to do. Ubuntu by default prevents you from logging in as the root user as a safety mechanism. To get around this simply sudo into the root account and then change the password:

sudo -s

Once the password has been changed for root log out of the account you created during install and delete it. Replace ${USER} with your install account.

su root
userdel -r ${USER}

You should now be free to log in with the root account.

Is GnackTrack free to download?

Yes, and it always will be.

My LiveCD down't boot

The 3 most common problems are the md5sum is wrong, the program you used to burn the .iso file or cheap media. Please check these three things before asking for help.

What hardware does GnackTrack support?

GnackTrack is designed to be compatible with most hardware. If your laptop is supported by Ubuntu then it should be supported by GnackTrack.

So what is GnackTrack?

GnackTrack is a penetration testing distribution for Gnome fans. For those not in the know, a penetration tester is an ethical hacker.

Many of us have heard of BackTrack but just struggle to get on with KDE. Many people prefer Gnome based linux distributions and thus GnackTrack was born. Originally GnackTrack was created by adding Gnome on top of BackTrack and stripping the KDE parts but this proved to be extremely painful OUCH!!! There was a lot of "junk" left over so it was decided to build a gnome based penetration cd from the ground up.

With Ubuntu being one of the most popular distributions it made sense to base GnackTrack on that.

What to call it???? Well, being as we wanted to base this on BackTrack it made sense to call it GnackTrack. It's just stuck. This distro also uses the BackTrack repo's so it's only fair to pay respect to the RemoteExploit guys for all they're hard work.

Remember the spelling: it's not nactrack, gnactrack, nattrac, gnaktrak, nacktrack... get it right! It's GnackTrack!

Why are you ripping off BackTrack?

We're not, we don't make money from this, we just want to have a penetration testing distro with Gnome instead of KDE and we're making it available for others to use.

Where is tool X, Y and Z?

If you can't find it then it's highly likely it's not in it. Let us know the name of the tool and we'll try our best to add it for the next release.

Why the colour?

Green is too much like the Matrix and has 1337 H4XoR written all over it. Blue just seemed too dull and boring. Orange(and the browns) we're already taken by Ubuntu. A bright purple would have been a nice colour but it is the new Ubuntu choice so that ruled that out. We wanted a deep "angry" red but it wouldn't have portrayed a good image on "Penetration Testing" so we finally decided on a redish/pinkish type colour. Let's call it Rink to keep things easy.

Why do you still have lots of Ubuntu branding in the Distro!

Well, as GnackTrack is based on Ubuntu there is obviously going to be loads of references to Ubuntu throughout the distro. we're going to slowly try to pinpoint these and clean them up; this includes removing Ubuntu branding and artwork.

Can I help?

We're more than happy for people to help, infact we need Devs right now! We don't feel any sense of ownership of this project, just a desire to improve the build so that more people can use it. Please contact us to discuss how you can help.

How's GnackTrack built

It's currently being built using the Ubuntu 10.10 minimal iso (~12MB). Once a default CLI install has completed we then add various repositories such as Google Chromium, Ubuntu Tweak and Remote-Exploit. We then install VMtools as we presume the majority of people will want to run this distro within a VM, it just makes things easier as it allows copy/paste, shared folders, no need for Ctrl-Alt to release the mouse, auto resolution resizing, etc... Once this is all working we then add all the required packages such as gnome, etc... and finally ensure that all packages required are installed:

0trace install 3proxy install 5nmp install addregistrations install adduser install adm-dns-tools install adm-snmp install adobe-flashplugin install aircrack-ng install airdrop-ng install airflood install airgraph-ng install airoscript install airpwn-ng install airsnarf install airsnort install alacarte install alien install alsa-base install alsa-utils install amap install anacron install angry-ipscan install anthy install anthy-common install apache2 install apache2-mpm-prefork install apache2-utils install apache2.2-bin install apache2.2-common install app-install-data install apparmor install apparmor-utils install apport install apport-gtk install apport-symptoms install apt install apt-transport-https install apt-utils install apt-xapian-index install aptdaemon install aptitude install apturl install apturl-common install aria2 install arp-scan install arpalert install asleap install asp-audit install aspell install aspell-en install at install aterm install autoconf install automake install autopsy install autoscan deinstall autotools-dev install avahi-daemon install avahi-utils install axel install b43-fwcutter install backtrack-menu install baobab install base-files install base-passwd install bash install bash-completion install bc install bcmwl-kernel-source install bcmwl-modaliases install bed install beef install bf2 install bf3 install bind9 install bind9-host install bind9utils install binfmt-support install binutils install binutils-static install bison install blindsql install blt install bluebugger install bluemaho install blueprint install bluescan install bluesmash install bluesnarfer install bluesquirrel install bluetooth install bluez install bluez-alsa install bluez-cups install bluez-gstreamer install bluez-utils install bogl-bterm install braa install broadcom-sta install brutessh install bsdmainutils install bsdutils install bsh install bsh-gcj install btscanner install build-essential install bum install bunny install burpsuite install busybox-initramfs install busybox-static install bwidget install byacc install byobu install bzip2 install ca-certificates install ca-certificates-java install cabextract install capplets-data install carwhisperer install casper install cdrdao install checkinstall install chkconfig install chntpw install chromium-browser install chromium-browser-inspector install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg install cifs-utils install cisco-auditing-tool install cisco-global-exploiter install cisco-ocs install ciscos install cli-common install cmake install cmake-data install command-not-found install command-not-found-data install complemento install conky install conky-all install console-setup install console-terminus install consolekit install copy-router-config install coreutils install cowpatty install cpio install cpp install cpp-4.4 install cpu-checker install cracklib-runtime install cron install crunch install cryptcat install cryptsetup install csrftester install cups install cups-bsd install cups-client install cups-common install cups-driver-gutenprint install cups-ppdc install curl install curl-menu install curlftpfs install cvs install dash install dbpwaudit install dbus install dbus-x11 install debconf install debconf-i18n install debhelper install debianutils install defoma install desktop-file-utils install dffscanner install dhcp3-client install dhcp3-common install dhcp3-server install dialog install dictionaries-common install diff install diffstat install diffutils install dirbuster install discover install discover-data install dkftpbench install dkms install dmidecode install dmitry install dmraid install dmsetup install dmz-cursor-theme install dnet-common install dns2tcp install dnsenum install dnsmap install dnsmasq-base install dnstop install dnstracer install dnsutils install dnswalk install doc-base install docbook-xml install dosfstools install doxygen install dpkg install dpkg-dev install dradis install driftnet install dsniff install dvd+rw-tools install e2fslibs install e2fsprogs install ecryptfs-utils install ed install eject install emacsen-common install enumiax install eog install erase-registrations install esound-clients install esound-common install etherape install ethtool install ettercap-common install ettercap-gtk install evans-debugger install evince install evince-common install evolution-data-server install evolution-data-server-common install exiftool install exiv2 install exploitdb install extract install exuberant-ctags install fakeap install fakeroot install fancontrol install fasttrack install fcrackzip install fdutils install feedingbottle-3.0-rc2 install ferret install fierce install file install file-roller install filezilla install filezilla-common install fimap install findutils install finger install firebird2.1-common install firebird2.1-common-doc install firebird2.1-dev install firebird2.5-common install firebird2.5-common-doc install firefox install firefox-branding install flare install flasm install flex install fontconfig install fontconfig-config install foomatic-db install foomatic-db-engine install foomatic-filters install fop install foremost install fping install fragroute install freeglut3 install freepats install freetds-common install freetds-dev install friendly-recovery install ftp install fuse-utils install fuzzgrind install g++ install g++-4.4 install g711conversions install gamin install gawk install gcc install gcc-4.4 install gcc-4.4-base install gcc-4.5-base install gcj-4.4-base install gcj-4.4-jre-lib install gconf-defaults-service install gconf-editor install gconf2 install gconf2-common install gdb install gdebi install gdebi-core install geany install gedit install gedit-common install genisoimage install geoip-bin install geoip-database install gerix-wifi-cracker-ng install gettext install gettext-base install ghettotooth install ghostscript install ghostscript-cups install ghostscript-x install giplet install gir1.0-glib-2.0 install giskismet install git install git-core install gksu install gnaural install gnome-about install gnome-applets install gnome-applets-data install gnome-audio install gnome-control-center install gnome-core install gnome-desktop-data install gnome-dictionary install gnome-doc-utils install gnome-exe-thumbnailer install gnome-icon-theme install gnome-keyring install gnome-media install gnome-media-common install gnome-menus install gnome-mime-data install gnome-panel install gnome-panel-data install gnome-power-manager install gnome-screenshot install gnome-search-tool install gnome-session install gnome-session-bin install gnome-session-common install gnome-settings-daemon install gnome-system-log install gnome-system-monitor install gnome-system-tools install gnome-terminal install gnome-terminal-data install gnome-theme-gilouche install gnome-themes install gnome-themes-extras install gnome-themes-more install gnome-themes-selected install gnome-themes-ubuntu install gnome-user-guide install gnome-user-guide-ar install gnome-user-guide-bn install gnome-user-guide-de install gnome-user-guide-en install gnome-user-guide-es install gnome-user-guide-fr install gnome-user-guide-ja install gnome-user-guide-pt install gnome-user-guide-ru install gnome-utils install gnome-utils-common install gnome-web-photo install gnupg install gnupg-curl install gnuplot install gnuplot-nox install gnuplot-x11 install gooscan install gpgv install gpsd install gpsd-clients install gpsd-menu install gpsmap-expedia install graphviz install greenplaque install grendelscan install grep install grimwepa install groff install groff-base install grub-common install grub-pc install gsfonts install gsfonts-x11 install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg install gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 install gstreamer0.10-nice install gstreamer0.10-pitfdll install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse install gstreamer0.10-plugins-base install gstreamer0.10-plugins-good install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse install gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio install gstreamer0.10-x install gtk-recordmydesktop install gtk-sharp2 install gtk-sharp2-examples install gtk-sharp2-gapi install gtk2-engines install gtk2-engines-murrine install gtk2-engines-pixbuf install gtk2-engines-smooth install guake install gv install gvfs install gvfs-backends install gzip install hack-library install hcraft install hdparm install hicolor-icon-theme install hidattack install host install hostap-utils install hostapd install hostname install hpijs install hping2 install hping2-menu install hping3 install hping3-menu install html2text install htmldoc install htmldoc-common install htop install httprint install humanity-icon-theme install hunspell-ar install hunspell-de-at install hunspell-de-ch install hunspell-de-de install hunspell-en-ca install hunspell-en-us install hunspell-fr install hwdata install hydra install iaxflood install ibus install ibus-anthy install ibus-gtk install icedtea-6-jre-cacao install icedtea6-plugin install icmpinfo install icmptx install icmpush install icoutils install ida-pro-free install ifupdown install ike-scan install ike-scan-menu install im-switch install imagemagick install impacket-examples install indicator-applet install indicator-application install indicator-messages install indicator-sound install info install inguma install initramfs-tools install initramfs-tools-bin install initscripts install insserv install install-info install installation-report install intel-gpu-tools install intltool install intltool-debian install inviteflood install iproute install iptables install iputils-arping install iputils-ping install iputils-tracepath install ipwatchd install irb1.8 deinstall irb1.9 install irb1.9.1 deinstall irpas install irqbalance install iso-codes install iw install java-common install java-wrappers install javascript-common install jbrofuzz install jmeter install jmeter-help install john install kbd install keyutils install kismet install kismet-newcore install klibc-utils install lacheck install lame install language-pack-ar install language-pack-ar-base install language-pack-bn install language-pack-bn-base install language-pack-de install language-pack-de-base install language-pack-en install language-pack-en-base install language-pack-es install language-pack-es-base install language-pack-fr install language-pack-fr-base install language-pack-gnome-ar install language-pack-gnome-ar-base install language-pack-gnome-bn install language-pack-gnome-bn-base install language-pack-gnome-de install language-pack-gnome-de-base install language-pack-gnome-en install language-pack-gnome-en-base install language-pack-gnome-es install language-pack-gnome-es-base install language-pack-gnome-fr install language-pack-gnome-fr-base install language-pack-gnome-hi install language-pack-gnome-hi-base install language-pack-gnome-ja install language-pack-gnome-ja-base install language-pack-gnome-pt install language-pack-gnome-pt-base install language-pack-gnome-ru install language-pack-gnome-ru-base install language-pack-gnome-ur install language-pack-gnome-ur-base install language-pack-hi install language-pack-hi-base install language-pack-ja install language-pack-ja-base install language-pack-pt install language-pack-pt-base install language-pack-ru install language-pack-ru-base install language-pack-ur install language-pack-ur-base install language-selector install language-selector-common install language-support-fonts-ar install language-support-fonts-bn install language-support-fonts-hi install language-support-fonts-ja install language-support-fonts-ur install language-support-input-ar install language-support-input-bn install language-support-input-hi install language-support-input-ja install language-support-input-ru install language-support-writing-ar install language-support-writing-de install language-support-writing-en install language-support-writing-es install language-support-writing-fr install language-support-writing-pt install language-support-writing-ru install lanmap install lanmap-menu install lanmap2 install laptop-detect install launchpad-integration install lbd install less install liba52-0.7.4 install libaa1 install libaccess-bridge-java install libaccess-bridge-java-jni install libacl1 install libafterimage0 install libalgorithm-diff-perl install libalgorithm-merge-perl install liballegro4.2 install liballegro4.2-dev install liballegro4.2-plugin-jack install libanthy0 install libao-common install libao2 deinstall libao4 install libapache2-mod-php5 install libapparmor-perl install libapparmor1 install libappconfig-perl install libappindicator0 deinstall libappindicator1 install libapr1 install libaprutil1 install libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 install libaprutil1-ldap install libarchive-zip-perl install libarchive1 install libart-2.0-2 install libart2-ruby install libart2-ruby1.8 install libasound2 install libasound2-dev install libasound2-plugins install libaspell15 install libass4 install libatasmart4 install libatk1-ruby install libatk1-ruby1.8 install libatk1.0-0 install libatk1.0-data install libatk1.0-dev install libatm1 install libatspi1.0-0 install libattr1 install libaudio2 install libaudiofile0 install libavahi-client3 install libavahi-common-data install libavahi-common3 install libavahi-core6 deinstall libavahi-core7 install libavahi-glib1 install libavahi-gobject0 install libavahi-ui0 install libavalon-framework-java install libavc1394-0 install libavcodec-extra-52 install libavcodec52 deinstall libavformat52 install libavutil-extra-49 deinstall libavutil-extra-50 install libavutil49 deinstall libbatik-java install libbfb0 install libbind9-60 install libbit-vector-perl install libblas3gf install libblkid1 install libbluetooth2 install libbluetooth3 install libbonobo2-0 install libbonobo2-common install libbonoboui2-0 install libbonoboui2-common install libboost-iostreams1.42.0 install libboost-python1.40.0 install libboost-python1.42.0 install libboost-signals1.40.0 install libboost-thread1.40.0 install libbreakpoint-ruby1.8 install libbsd0 install libbsf-java install libbz2-1.0 install libc-ares2 install libc-bin install libc-client2007e install libc-dev-bin install libc6 install libc6-dev install libc6-i686 deinstall libcaca0 install libcairo-gobject2 install libcairo-perl install libcairo-ruby1.8 install libcairo2 install libcairo2-dev install libcairomm-1.0-1 install libcamel1.2-14 install libcanberra-gtk-module install libcanberra-gtk0 install libcanberra0 install libcap-ng0 install libcap2 install libcap2-bin install libcarp-clan-perl install libcdaudio1 install libcddb2 install libcdio-cdda0 install libcdio-paranoia0 install libcdio10 install libcdparanoia0 install libcdt4 install libcelt0-0 install libcgraph5 install libcheese-gtk18 install libck-connector0 install libclass-accessor-perl install libclass-base-perl install 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qt4-qmake install quilt install r8187-drivers install radeontool install rainbow install rake install rarcrack install rarian-compat install ratproxy install rcconf install rdate install rdesktop install rdoc1.9 install readline-common install recode install recordmydesktop install redirectpoison install reiserfsprogs install remastersys install revelation install rhino install rpm install rpm-common install rpm2cpio install rsh-client install rsync install rsyslog install rt73-drivers install rtkit install rtpbreak install rtpflood install rtpinsertsound install rtpmixsound install rtpproxy install ruby install ruby-gnome2 install ruby1.8 install ruby1.8-dev install ruby1.9 install ruby1.9.1 install rubygem-baffle install rubygem-dot11 install rubygem-exegesis install rubygem-http-configuration install rubygem-mime-types install rubygem-mini-exiftool install rubygem-mongrel install rubygem-mysql install rubygem-prawn install rubygem-rack install rubygem-rails install rubygem-rb-lorcon install rubygem-rb-pcap install rubygem-rubyzip install rubygem-spider install rubygems install rubygems-doc install rubygems1.8 install rubygems1.9 install rubygems1.9.1 deinstall rubylib-linalg install saexploiter install samba-common install samba-common-bin install samdump2 install scalpel install schnappi-dhcp install scim install scim-bridge-agent install scim-bridge-client-gtk install scim-gtk2-immodule install scim-modules-socket install scim-modules-table install scim-tables-additional install scli install screen install screen-resolution-extra install scrollkeeper install sctpscan install seat install sed install sendmail install sendmail-base install sendmail-bin install sendmail-cf install sensible-mda install sensible-utils install set install sgml-base install sgml-data install shared-mime-info install shutter install siege install sipbomber install sipcrack install sipsak install sipvicious install sipwitch install skipfish install sleuthkit install smap install smbclient install smbfs install smbrelay3 install snmp install snmpcheck install snmpenum install snort install snort-common install snort-common-libraries install snort-doc install snort-rules-default install soapui install socat install software-properties-gtk install sox install spike-fuzzer install spikeproxy install sqlbrute install sqlfairy install sqlibf install sqlite install sqlite3 install sqlix install sqlmap install sqlninja install sqlsus install squashfs-tools install ssh install sshatter install ssidsniff install ssl-cert install ssldump install sslscan install sslstrip install strace install stunnel install stunnel4 install subversion install sudo install sun-java6-bin install sun-java6-jre install sun-java6-plugin install swfintruder install synaptic install syslinux install syslinux-common install system-config-printer-common install system-config-printer-gnome install system-config-printer-udev install system-tools-backends install sysv-rc install sysv-rc-conf install sysvinit-utils install tango-icon-theme install tar install tasksel install tasksel-data install tbear install tcl install tcl8.4 install tcl8.5 install tcpd install tcpdump install tcpick install tcpreen install tcpreplay install tcpslice install tcptrace install tcptraceroute install telnet install testdisk install tex-common install texlive-base install texlive-binaries install texlive-common install texlive-doc-base install texlive-extra-utils install texlive-latex-base install texlive-latex-base-doc install texlive-luatex install tftp install tftp-bruteforcer install thc-oraclecrackert install tilda deinstall time install tinyproxy install tk8.4 install tk8.5 install tor install tor-geoipdb install tpcat install traceroute install transmission install transmission-cli install transmission-common install transmission-gtk install truecrypt install tsclient install tsconf install tshark install tsocks install ttf-arabeyes install ttf-bengali-fonts install ttf-dejavu install ttf-dejavu-core install ttf-dejavu-extra install ttf-devanagari-fonts install ttf-droid install ttf-freefont install ttf-indic-fonts-core install ttf-kacst install ttf-kacst-one install ttf-liberation install ttf-mscorefonts-installer install ttf-nafees install ttf-sil-scheherazade install ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.3 install ttf-takao-gothic install ttf-takao-mincho install ttf-takao-pgothic install ttf-ubuntu-font-family install ttf-ubuntu-title install ttf-umefont install ttf-unfonts-core install ttf-xfree86-nonfree install tzdata install tzdata-java install ubiquity install ubiquity-casper install ubiquity-frontend-debconf install ubiquity-frontend-gtk install ubiquity-ubuntu-artwork install ubufox install ubuntu-keyring install ubuntu-laptop-mode install ubuntu-minimal install ubuntu-restricted-addons install ubuntu-restricted-extras install ubuntu-system-service install ubuntu-tweak install ucf install udev install udisks install udptunnel install ufw install unattended-upgrades install unicornscan install unixodbc install unrar install unzip install update-inetd install update-manager install update-manager-core install update-motd install update-notifier install update-notifier-common install updates-modules-2.6.35-22-generic-di install upower install upstart install ureadahead install usb-modeswitch install usb-modeswitch-data install usbmuxd install usbutils install usbview install user-setup install ussp-push install util-linux install uuid-dev install uuid-runtime install vbetool install vim install vim-addon-manager install vim-common install vim-doc install vim-runtime install vim-scripts install vim-tiny install vinagre install vinetto install vino install vlan install vlc install vlc-data install vlc-nox install vlc-plugin-notify install vlc-plugin-pulse install vnak install voiper install voiphopper install voipong install vomit install w3af install w3m install waffit install wamerican install wapiti install warvox install wavemon install wbrazilian install wbritish install webscarab install webshag install wepbuster install weplab install wfrench install wfuzz install wget install whiptail install whois install wicd install wicd-cli install wicd-daemon install wicd-gtk install wifi-radar install wifizoo install winbind install wine install wine1.2 deinstall wine1.3 install wine1.3-gecko install winetricks install wipe install wireless-crda install wireless-tools install wireshark deinstall wireshark-common install wisotool install wmat install wngerman install wodim install wogerman install wpasupplicant install wportuguese install wsfuzzer install wspanish install wswiss install wwwconfig-common install wx2.8-headers install wyd install x-ttcidfont-conf install x11-common install x11-utils install x11-xkb-utils install x11-xserver-utils install x11proto-composite-dev install x11proto-core-dev install x11proto-damage-dev install x11proto-fixes-dev install x11proto-input-dev install x11proto-kb-dev install x11proto-randr-dev install x11proto-render-dev install x11proto-xext-dev install x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev install x11proto-xinerama-dev install xauth install xaw3dg install xbitmaps install xchat install xchat-common install xdg-utils install xfonts-100dpi install xfonts-75dpi install xfonts-base install xfonts-encodings install xfonts-utils install xfs install xinit install xkb-data install xml-core install xmltoman install xplico install install xprobe install xresprobe install xserver-common install xserver-xorg install xserver-xorg-core install xserver-xorg-input-all install xserver-xorg-input-evdev install xserver-xorg-input-mouse install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics install xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse install xserver-xorg-input-wacom install xserver-xorg-video-all install xserver-xorg-video-apm install xserver-xorg-video-ark install xserver-xorg-video-ati install xserver-xorg-video-chips install xserver-xorg-video-cirrus install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev install xserver-xorg-video-geode install xserver-xorg-video-i128 install xserver-xorg-video-i740 install xserver-xorg-video-intel install xserver-xorg-video-mach64 install xserver-xorg-video-mga install xserver-xorg-video-neomagic install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau install xserver-xorg-video-nv install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome install xserver-xorg-video-r128 install xserver-xorg-video-radeon install xserver-xorg-video-rendition install xserver-xorg-video-s3 install xserver-xorg-video-s3virge install xserver-xorg-video-savage install xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion install xserver-xorg-video-sis install xserver-xorg-video-sisusb install xserver-xorg-video-tdfx install xserver-xorg-video-trident install xserver-xorg-video-tseng install xserver-xorg-video-v4l install xserver-xorg-video-vesa install xserver-xorg-video-vmware install xserver-xorg-video-voodoo install xsltproc install xspy install xsss install xterm install xtightvncviewer install xtrans-dev install xul-ext-ubufox install xulrunner-1.9.2 install xvfb install xz-utils install yelp install yersinia install zenity install zenmap install zerofree install zip install zlib1g install zlib1g-dev install zlibc install zulu install zzuf install zzuf-menu install

Once this is all complete we use Remastersys to create a bootable iso.

Why haven't you told XYZ about the disto?

Probably because we don't know who to tell, the more people that hear about this distro the more chance we have at getting feedback and reviews. If you have any recommendations on who to tell please Communitymention in the forum or better yet, tell them yourself.

Why haven't you answered THIS question?

Because we haven't yet been asked it most likely! Ask in the forums and if we feel others will benefit from the answer we'll add it to the FAQs.