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GnackTrack is an open and free project to merge penetration testing tools and the linux Gnome desktop.

GnackTrack is a Live (and installable) Linux distribution designed for Penetration Testing and is based on Ubuntu.

Everyone is invited to collaborate on its development and request/offer new tools or ideas. We hide nothing, and will always ensure this project is community driven. For info on how you can help either send us an email or contact us on the forum.

For more information and specifics please read the FAQs or send us an email


GnackTrack Gameover! 15/07/2011

After careful consideration I have decided to stop developing the GnackTrack project. It was taking up too much of my time and it was only ever intended to be a hacking distro with gnome. For more information please see the game over page.

GnackTrackR6 released! 02/03/2011

Welcome to March, and also a warm welcome to GnackTrackR6. This release has now better support for wireless cards thanks to a recent patch by Ethan Dotson. We now have also made it possible to run Armitage from the LiveDVD and have added various new tools such as watobo and the latest w3af. To please social engineers we have also added an XP mode to quickly turn GnackTrack into an XP Look-a-like(see the video here). To download your copy go to the downloads page immediately!

New GnackTrack Forum 01/03/2011

Due to the issues we had with we have decided to move to a new forum. Unfortunately we cannot export the old posts into the new forum. The new forum can be found here and the old one here.

GnackTrack WiFi Fix 26/02/2011

Ethan Dotson has recently been working hard to implement a sucessfull fix for wireless injection. This script works on both R4 and R5 so it's a simple process. To get the script please go to the downloads page.

GnackTrackR5 released! 17/02/2011

GnackTrackR5 has now been released in both a liveDVD and a VMWare image. GnackTrackR5 now includes various extra tools such as xplico, armitage and magictree. To download your copy goto the downloads page.

GnackTrack IRC Channel! 03/02/2011

Blaguvest has now created an IRC channel for us on You can connect to it using the webchat or using your own irc client. Please find more info on the community page.

GnackTrackR4 released! 12/01/2011

For R4 we havent added many new tools, instead we have took a strong approach to ensuring the GnackTrackR4 is the most stable version yet. We have tested the wireless performance on a fair few laptops and can now confirm that wireless support is much better. To download your copy goto the downloads page. Remember, if your download is slow please retrieve your copy from one of the mirrors.

GnackTrackR3.iso Mirror! 21/12/2010

The guys over at RubyRingTechnologies have been kind enough to host GnackTrack on 4 individual servers, there's now no longer any need to wait for your download. To get your copy of GnackTrackR3 the quick way please goto the downloads page and check out the mirror links.

GnackTrackR3.iso torrent. 18/12/2010

Due to the number of downloads we have had to once again release a torrent. To download GnackTrackR3.iso via a torrent please goto the downloads page. Meanwhile we are trying to sort out a few mirros such as ibiblio and If anyone has any other recommnedations please let us know immediately.

GnackTrackR3 based on Ubuntu 10.10! 15/12/2010

After the recent rush to get GnackTrackR2 ready in order to comply with Tenables request we felt that the version didn't under go a full iteration of bug testing. And so, we are proud to announce GnackTrackR3. This version is based on the more recent Ubuntu 10.10 so has better wifi support out of the box as well as the added benefits of a default install of the 2.6.35 kernel. We have added many new tools to this release so get it whilst it's hot!

GnackTrackR2 is ready! 07/12/2010

The initial plan was to release GnackTrackR2 early in the new year but after a rather unexpected message from Tennable, the owners of Nessus, we have been instructed to remove Nessus from GnackTrack. You can still install Nessus by downloading the binary and then registering for a plugins feed manually. After a mad rush over the last few days we have managed to get GnackTrackR2 ready. Many of the tools have been updated and we are now running with the 2.6.35 kernel so there should be much more support for your wireless cards. To get your copy please go to the downloads page. Don't forget to report any bugs or issues you find in the Forums.

GnackTrack Final is here! 20/10/2010

It's been exactly one month since RC1 release and here we have the final version of GnackTrack. This version should be pretty much bug free and stable. This version now has language and keyboard support for those not using English. To get your copy please go to the downloads page.

WackoPicko Target! 21/09/2010

Ok so what's the point of having all these great apps within GnackTrack if you don't have anything to test them against? Well we have created both a live CD and VM image of WackoPicko[information] to save you the hard work. Information on WackoPicko can be found here[pdf]. To download either the VM or LiveCD please go to the downloads page

GnackTrack RC1 is here! 20/09/2010

So here it is. The RC1 version! With this release we have also added the option to download as a prebuilt VMWare image. To download this version please go to the downloads page.

New Dev Environment 25/08/2010

Currently all dev work was being performed on an Intel E4500 with 2GB ram. This has been pretty painful for the team to work on. A new Phenom x6 1055T is on route with 4GB of ram, which should surely speed up the developments and build time. There will be a slight delay in getting beta5 out due to the transition over to the new rig but we promise both the LiveCD and VMWare image will be available soon.

Beta5 Virtual Plans 15/08/2010

Hi all. After a huge amount of feedback it has been decided that beta5 LiveCD will now be released alongside a prebuilt vmware image. This will be bootable in VMWare based products but it will also include the capability to be used in Virtual Box. Please register to the mailing list to be informed as soon as the beta5 version is released.

Beta4 Released! 06/08/2010

After a little break at Defcon 18 we're proud to announce that beta 4 is now ready. More tools have been installed and bug fixes have been applied. To download the latest version please go to the downloads page. Remember; please let us know of any issues you find.

Mailing List now ready! 05/08/2010

We have now set up a mailing list in order to announce new versions, releases and special news about GnackTrack. If you would like to subscribe please do so on the left. We won't use this for spam, just up to date GnackTrack info!

Beta3 Released! 28/07/2010

We're proud to announce that GnackTrack beta3 version is ready. The Gnome menu is now complete. The installer now works perfectly, once installed you get a full environment (the /etc/skel bug is no longer present). To download the latest version please go to the downloads page. Remember; please let us know of any issues you find.

Beta2 Torrent Released 16/07/2010

Due to the overwhelming downloads of the beta2 release we have decided to create a torrent of GnackTrack. The server cannot simply cope with the sheer number of downloads. To get the torrent instead (probably the faster method) then please go to the downloads page.

Community Forum! 14/07/2010

In order to coincide with the beta2 release we have decided to finally get the community page up and running. You'll now be able to discuss requests and problems with GnackTrack directly with each other to save me having to deal with each issue myself. You do not need to register, just use an existing account such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.

Beta2 Released! 13/07/2010

After a long wait we have finally got Beta2 ready. A lot of work has gone into the art so we'd like to personally thank the artist John Smith for all his hard work. To download the latest version please see the downloads page. Remember; please let us know of any issues you find.

Beta1 Released! 26/05/2010

After a little bit of work over the weekend we have now released GnackTrack beta1. We have fixed the annoying address location entry field in nautilus. We hated the way the navigation was with buttons, we like to type the directory we want to go to! We have added a list of apps to the Gnome Menu, this includes services so it's easier to start and stop them. We haven't had a huge amount of time to perform testing so if anyone is available to look into this for us would be very appreciative. Once again, we're amazed at all of the Downloads so far, we hope the dedicated server this site is hosted on doesn't fall over! (If anyone starts noticing poor download speeds please let us know and we'll see if we can afford to improve the pipe.)

Alpha3-Beta1 release 23/04/2010

Hi all, We'd like to thank everyone who has given me feedback on the distro. We're hoping to release a new version after the weekend. Depending on how many references to ubuntu we can remove we'll either call it Aplha3 or Beta1. Please spread the word, the more people that offer feedback and support the more chance we've got at improving the distro. Cheers

Feedback 19/04/2010

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback with regards to the first alpha release. We're pleased at the amount of people of have downloaded it and then given the time to offer advice and support. We've taken onboard a few of the requests and will hopefully put them into the 10.04_alpha3 version. For the time being please continue to point out bugs and issues for me to resolve. Also, don't forget to spread the word!